Producer / Audio Engineer
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I've worked with Carmen in a few different contexts over the years and each time I've been glad that I did. She has the two qualities you want most in an engineer: a terrific ear and relentless attention to detail. I know that my perfectionism will be satisfied when working with Carmen. Her communication skills, pleasant demeanor and work ethic practically guarantee it.”

— Christopher Drellow, Bells Rang/ Fellow Wolf


"Little Bird Studios provides the perfect combination of comfortable ambiance and excellent gear. We recently recorded tracks for three songs at LBS in one of our smoothest sessions to date. Carmen Caruso is a talented sound engineer who has created a beautiful space for recording artists to feel right at home. Need a break? Step out of the studio space into her backyard garden. Then, when you're ready, head back into the studio and experiment with one of her many vintage keyboards, amps, or pedals. Whether you make folk music or electronic, jazz or pop or psych - whatever your recording needs, I would highly recommend Little Bird Studios for your next project!

— leanne Kelly, New Spell


I was impressed with the amount of research and care Carmen put into getting our mix to sound the way we had envisioned it.  We had a mix from another engineer that didn't quite fit the sound we were looking for, but couldn't articulate what needed to be changed in technical terms.  Carmen took reference mixes and our vague descriptions of how we wanted our final mix and absolutely nailed the sound and style.  I'd definitely recommend her as an engineer and producer.”

— Caleb AStey, The Fell Swoop


Without a doubt, Carmen Caruso is one of the best sound engineers here in the SF Bay Area! She jumped in last minute on a live recording project I produced and was extremely efficient, conscientious, and all around professional! I was thrilled with the final mixes!”

— Michelle Campbell, Founder & Director of A&R, ripcord records